Welcome to the Sony S-Link Resource Center! This is a page devoted to understanding the Sony S-Link protocol. Here you'll find links with information on S-Link, and a bulletin board where you can talk with other S-Link adventurers.

S-Link is a protocol used by Sony A/V components to talk to each other. It encompasses Control-S, an overall control protocol based on IR codes, Control-A1, a bidirectional protocol used to get CD information from CD players, and Control-L, a time protocol used by high-end video components. Since most of the new Sony components have an S-Link connector, and since Sony sells a box (CAV-1 or CAV-2) which allows a computer to talk S-Link, it should be possible to build intelligent A/V systems based on S-Link. I have heard of several people trying to do this; unfortunately, I know of few successes, in part because it seems S-Link is poorly documented and understood.

Please note that this page is not provided or endorsed by Sony. Sony has chosen to provide very little support for S-Link users or developers. An official site devoted to S-Link/VisionTouch developers was closed in April, 1997; since then, Sony has limited support to those enrolled in its professional developer program (which costs $5000 plus royalties).

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